Membership180 understands that it is not always feasible for Chambers and Associations to invest either time or money in bringing consultants to town or to afford expensive off-site opportunities for professional development and training. The reality is they still need assistance growing their organizations, but the existing models can be extremely expensive and time-consuming.

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Virtual Coaching 
for Chambers

“"Membership 180 did a fantastic job with our Chamber! Annette and Jay are so energetic, smart and professional! We were able to not only add new members in a very short amount of time, but 70% of the members we engaged as volunteers in the process were NEW volunteers. Additionallly, we were left with a list of member prospects to follow up on and a tremendous amount of "buzztime" on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and on our website! This was one of the best PR moves our Chamber has made in years! I am still reaping the benefits of their good work for our Chamber! I highly and sincerely recommend them both and Membership 180 and look forward to working with them again!"”

- Nancy McCoy Duncan Union County (NC) Chamber of Commerce

What our clients have to say...

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  • Inability to get out of the office for professional development.
  • Financial and time constraints that prevent you from sending your staff members out for professional development.
  • You have issues that are stealing your focus and creating a culture of frustration.
  • You are a one person shop and need access to resources that would strengthen your organization and keep you current.

Possible roadblocks to organizational growth include …

To help Chambers and Associations that are experiencing these limitations that are blocking their ability to grow…

We Now Offer Virtual Coaching Packages

Packages start as low as $600!

In our virtual coaching module, we use the latest technology to come to you “face to face” once a week. This can be in your weekly staff meeting or one on one with whatever member of the staff needs specific work in a targeted area. It’s an affordable, accessible way to give you the tools and strategy you need to grow!

To learn more on how Membership180′s Virtual Coaching packages can help your organization leverage its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses …

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