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Membership180 helps Chambers of Commerce around the world to discover that Fostering Engagement is the number one path to mastering this scenario. By harnessing the voices of Board Members, Ambassadors and Staff in active roles, individuals are allowed to make personal investments in the future of their organization. Simply put, if a person has a hand in watering an apple tree, they are more likely to stick around to enjoy the fruit and shade and less likely to walk away because they don't care -- or to put it plainly: if the WRITE IT, they'll UNDERWRITE IT.


By planning an ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOP for your organization, you will apply the collective expertise of Jay Handler, IOM and his team to the exact geography, demographics and fiscal climate of your Chamber or Association to recruit new members while retaining the ones you already have. Jay works with Chambers of Commerce, Associations, non-profit organizations and businesses on an international level to realize three essential principles of membership: Recruit, Engage, Retain.


Recruiting Quality Members

Membership180 demonstrates that the best strategy for recruiting new members is by actively demonstrating the value of their investment. A business owner needs to understand exactly why joining the local Chamber is in his or her best interest. Replacing vague platitudes with hard and fast statements about fiscal objectives takes the guesswork out of a potential member's decision-making. M180 determines exactly what you offer every new member from Day One and the best way to help them see this immediately. We focus on helping you tell your stories ...about what you do behind the scenes every single day on behalf of every member of the community, whether they're a member of your organization or not ...whether they participate in your events or not.


Activities for Engagement

Inviting Board Members and key volunteers to take on an active role in creating a Culture of Engagement within your organization is the modern equivalent of "watering the apple tree." Teaching members to participate in communicating the value of your organization is a powerful engagement strategy, as they get to relate successful experiences in their own words to a wide audience. M180 teaches all constituency groups, from your Board of Directors to the staff to your members and volunteers exactly how to build this Culture of Engagement within your organization while demonstrating to members why this medium is so effective.   


Retaining Valued Members

Once a new member has been recruited, the best way to maximize your recruiting efforts is to keep that member for as long as possible. M180 teaches crucial retention strategies for Chamber and association directors, addressing how to keep members long-term, even if the business changes hands or the company principal passes away.


Strengthen your organization by engaging new and existing members with the strategies taught by Jay Handler and Membership180. Contact our team now to schedule an ENGAGEMENT WORKSHOP that will catapult your membership and transform your influence by teaching the field-tested Culture of Engagement mindset.


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Jay Handler presented at an Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Executives Annual Conference on Membership Retention/Engagement. Jay's enthusiasm and creative approach to membership and how we view our members captivated the audience. His message on membership engagement allowed our Chamber to re-evaluate our current mindset when working with existing members. His presentation brought a new perspective that our team will be implementing soon. Thank you Jay - we ended our year with 134 New Joins and 49 Drops!

-Lisa Navrkal, IOM President/CEO at Stillwater

I recently worked with Jay during our Membership Campaign where we grew our Chamber by just over 10%. Jay is enthusiastic, compassionate and truly believes in helping YOUR Chamber succeed. He understands the value of membership and engagement and is able to share his knowledge to encourage and excite the teams of volunteers that work with your organization. I would recommend Jay to work with YOUR Chamber or Association anytime. Jay is a great asset to the Chamber world!"

- Theresa Byers President at Pickerington Area Chamber of Commerce

"Jay has a passion for relationship networking that shows through in his delivery of contact. He presented for the SC Association of Rehab Professionals at a meeting that we sponsored this month. He brought energy, he created energy, and I am excited about our next meeting because I believe that the energy will persist in our group. Thank you Jay!"

- Dara Ross, Certified Prosthetist Orthotist at Ability Prosthetics and Orthotics


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Is Your Organization Remaining Stagnant, Shrinking
Or Just Not Growing At The Rate you Would Like?

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Is Your Organization Remaining Stagnant, Shrinking Or Just Not Growing At The Rate you Would Like?

Schedule Your FREE Engagement Workshop Consultation TODAY

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